A New Twist

I have been absent from my blog for quite some­time. Chalk it up to an absent muse, a tired woman, life hap­pen­ing at high speed and low gear… many rea­sons, but no excuses.

Decem­ber 2013 was a big month for me. I had a cal­caneal osteotomy (with plan­tar fas­cia release, but no ten­don trans­fers) on Decem­ber 2, and spent 2-weeks on bed rest and another 6-weeks non-weight bear­ing on my left foot. Once I was allowed to weight bear I spent another 6-weeks in phys­i­cal therapy.

I am fac­ing another cal­caneal osteotomy in the late summer/early fall. I have the same defor­mity in the right foot that was cor­rected in the left (pes cavus or freak­ishly high arches).

Prepar­ing for the sec­ond round of pain, pain du jour, and painful-pain, has been chal­leng­ing. I do plan on writ­ing more dur­ing this stint. I think it might be help­ful for oth­ers who are fac­ing sim­i­lar surgery. This was an eye-opening expe­ri­ence for me. I went into the first pro­ce­dure with many ideas of what I would go through, but I have come out on the other end of it with a bet­ter under­stand­ing of what I need to do to be pre­pared for the next.

In the mean­time, I am hop­ing to hop on here more and process var­i­ous things, but suf­fice it to say that some­thing about los­ing your inde­pen­dence and going through a sea­son of pain sure does make an intro­vert even more intro­spec­tive. That’s a beau­ti­fully dan­ger­ous place to reside.

A couple of lessons I learned along the way

A few things Learned through study, lec­ture and dis­cus­sion dur­ing the study of the last sev­eral chap­ters of Gen­e­sis: A cou­ple of things I learned from Jacob: 1. Even if your past includes decep­tion, lies, and run­ning… if you belong to God you will come to the end of your­self and you will end your days leaning […]

Iron Sharpens Iron

This entry was writ­ten on Jan­u­ary 16, 2008… with much love and many tears. I am care­fully walk­ing a nar­row beam that will take a lot of wis­dom, patience, and love to nav­i­gate. It really is not so far off of the ground that an error would cause me to plum­met to dis­as­ter, but it feels that way. […]

Join with all nature in manifold witness…

Great is Thy Faith­ful­ness is one of my favorite hymns. When I think of the words while I am stand­ing in a place like Mount Mitchell it brings me to tears. Yes­ter­day my sweet, best-friend (who is also bless­edly my hus­band) loaded the car after Church for a quick lit­tle road trip. Those who know us know this is truly […]

Stay Tuned…

Rest assured that God isn’t fin­ished with me yet, and for that I am so grate­ful because I have so, so far to go. Try­ing to con­trast con­tent­ment and com­pla­cency. One is good. One is not good. They are easy to con­fuse. It’s an excit­ing time in my life. I have made a lot of big deci­sions based on a season […]

Thrusted or Entrusted?

There was a time not so long ago in my life when I erro­neously believed that if my fam­ily could make it through a very har­row­ing deploy­ment we would all be just fine. I think in the depths of the pain and fear I told myself this as a shal­low and empty promise. It was some­thing eas­ily con­trived and eas­ily believed – really […]